19. March 2024

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Ready to take your driving experience to the next level? Secure your place today for the ultimate adrenaline adventure with the Pirelli P ZERO™ Experience! Immerse yourself in the Pirelli world with a 360° brand experience, enjoy exclusive hospitality and unleash the power of your street-legal supercar on legendary tracks around the world. Improve your driving skills thanks to the guidance of professional driving instructors on site and get a glimpse on the technology behind high performance Pirelli tyres.

Don't miss the unique opportunity to participate in test drives and/or hot laps with high performance car models from prestigious partners, on track, on the road and off road.

Book now and get ready for an unforgettable driving event - the P ZERO™ Experience is waiting for you!

Pirelli P ZERO TM Experience

P ZERO™ Experience Calendar 2024

P ZERO™ EXPERIENCE UK, Silverstone, June 19
P ZERO™ EXPERIENCE UK, Goodwood race track, September 26



From Track to Road: Translating Racing Excellence

The synergy between motorsports and road performance is central to Pirelli's philosophy. The tyres’ compounds, footprints and structures, rigorously tested under the extreme conditions of racing, yield invaluable data that informs the development of road products, ensuring uncompromising levels of technology, performance, and safety. This meticulous process, from simulator testing to real-world track evaluations, underscores Pirelli's unwavering commitment to excellence.

The culmination of this process is evident in the certifications and homologations garnered by Pirelli from prestigious vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Designed with the same precision and expertise as Formula 1 tyres, these road tyres epitomize the pinnacle of performance and safety, accentuating the driving experience of high-performance vehicles.

The PERFECT FIT: P ZERO™ Tyres for Prestige and Sport Premium car models

Pirelli works in collaboration with the best car manufacturers to create the PERFECT FIT between car and tyre. This collaboration is achieved through dedicated technologies, processes and materials. By mixing these elements, Pirelli is able to develop marked tyres, custom-made for any kind of vehicle. Click here to find the perfect fit for your car model: Tires from Pirelli - Catalog | Pirelli

The Perfect Fit for your car on track:


Designed for hyper cars and super cars to primarily maximize dry performance on track through an ultra low profile and extreme new asymmetric tread pattern which provides high grip, excellent dry braking and optimal balance in dry handling, while maintaining consistency and durability.

The P Zero™ Trofeo RS, homologated for use on the road, allows the driver to exploit the full performance envelope of the car thanks to advanced materials and technologies derived directly from Pirelli’s motorsport experience. For more information click here: P Zero™ Trofeo RS - Motorsport tyre | Pirelli