26. January 2022

Circuit Booking takes over openPITLANE

For over ten years, openPITLANE has been providing online information about trackday dates. In the scene, "oP" has long since developed into an extremely popular portal where sports drivers can click through the most important trackday dates. Now Circuit Booking has taken over the well-known trackday calendar.

When Markus Gedlich and his company Gedlich Racing founded the portal over ten years ago, it was the first of its kind in the German-speaking world. With hundreds of trackday dates, openPITLANE has become an indispensable part of the scene. After more than a decade, Markus Gedlich has now decided to leave the portal in good hands. "openPITLANE has enormous digitalization potential and this can be optimally implemented, especially by experts. Instead, we want to focus even more on the growth of our premium trackdays and events," says Markus Gedlich.

From now on, openPITLANE will be operated and further developed by Circuit Booking. Markus Gedlich: "We did not make it easy for ourselves. But the strategy and competence of Circuit Booking convinced us. Now we are happy to know that the portal is in best hands and openPITLANE will be continued."

As a high-reach trackday calendar, openPITLANE complements and rounds out Circuit Booking's offering. "While Circuit Booking remains the trackday marketplace where organizer dates can be booked directly, openPITLANE represents an exciting alternative option for trackday organizers in our portfolio," says Sebastian Herke, founder and CEO of Circuit Booking. "With openPITLANE, organizers who still do not want to participate in our digital marketplace for the time being have another option to make their dates visible on openPITLANE."

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